There are number of different steps you need to go through before you'll get a job. We've put together a great collection of resources to help you on your way.

Getting ready to find a job

Our getting ready section covers the random things you need to have in order before you can get a job; your phone message, a professional email address, tax file number ... all the things you may not yet thought of.

Getting ready

Where to find a job

There are many places you can find a job if you know where to look! We have put together a big list of all the places you can search and people you can contact that might be able to help you land your job.

Where to find a job

Preparing your application

This is a very important step in your journey to finding a job. The aim of your job application is get you an interview. Your application consists of 2 or 3 parts. Your resume or CV - this is a summary of all the great things about you - but framed to fit the employers needs. The key selection criteria isn't always requested, but when it is make sure you know how to answer by reading our key selection criteria guide. Finally the cover letter - this single piece of paper determines whether the people doing the recruiting will read your resume.

Resumes   Cover Letters   Key Selection Criteria

The interview

The interview! The aim for the application process is to get an interview. It's maybe the scariest part of the process, but the most important part. Its here that you get to sell yourself and tell the employer how you fit their requirements and how you would be great for their business.