In your search for a job and before you do anything else, go through our checklist below. It's a great way to ensure you're ready to start looking for work.

Do I have:

Do I have my original FULL birth certificate?

You need this for a tax file number & a bank account. Nearly everything these days requires you to have identification and securing this document will make it a whole lot easier (getting licences, passport etc.). Check with Mum or Dad to see if they already have it, remembering, that a BIRTH EXTRACT is NOT the same thing (link to births, deaths, marriages)

Do I have a Tax File Number (TFN)?

You need this to start work. It is much quicker and easier to do this whilst you are still a student.

Do I have a current email address?

Yes – is it appropriate? Create your email address using just your name - ‘fratboy19’ or ‘giggles23’ is NOT appropriate.

No - Set up a free hotmail or gmail account specifically for job seeking, or use your school email

Do I have messagebank on my phone?

Yes – is it appropriate? Remember an adult employer will be calling you and does not want to hear a funny message meant for friends.

No - Organise message bank with a clear introduction of yourself, well spoken and appropriate message

Do I have appropriate content on my social media accounts?

Yes – Continue to use facebook as a positive and a chance to show what a mature, responsible young person you are.

No - Clean up your act, no inappropriate comments or photos, swearing, bullying, negative talk – employers have been known to look over facebook prior to hiring

Do I have the right attitude to work?

Yes – I am motivated, responsible, confident, reliable, enthusiastic, respectful, realistic, prepared to learn and able to take direction.

No - 36% of employers think young people can improve their attitude to work. Are you one of them?

Have I done extra things to get me work ready?

Yes – Certificates, short courses, work experience, practice interviews etc.

No - Sitting around waiting won’t get you anywhere. Be the best you can be!

Do I have a strong resume?

Yes – Awesome job, you are one step closer to getting a job

No - Then explore the rest of our website, starting with our Resumes page

Do I have a clear and concise covering letter?

Yes – Fantastic, you are really well organised (you could add this to your resume)

No - Explore our Cover Letters Page. This page will help you write a cover letter and explain why you need one.

Do I take care in my overall presentation?

Yes – I am respectful of an employers workplace.

No - I don’t care if they see my tatts, piercings or I haven’t brushed my teeth or hair. This attitude won’t get you the job.

Do I have appropriate interview clothing?

Yes – is it appropriate? Is it conservative? Clean and ironed?

No - black pants and a white fresh shirt are great for guys and girls. BSSC MIPs has a workwear wardrobe you can access or check out Big W, Target, Best & Less.

Do I really want a job?

Yes – Then explore the rest of our website!

No - Seriously, really, are you taking all of this in?