Job hunting has never been easy – no matter what level of work you are looking for, and it can be especially difficult for students who are usually very unsure of how to go about securing work. Our app and website contains the most up to date methods and ideas that will allow you to stand out from the hundreds of other relevant jobseekers.

Our app and website may assist you with your jobsearch if you are completing school and looking for part time/casual work, completing school and looking at your career and employment options, and/or looking at leaving school to pursue employment and/or a career. You may just want a job and just don’t know how to go about getting it!

‘Active’ jobsearching is the key to you securing any form of employment. Your success will depend on how much research and effort you put into the task at hand. Nothing will beat a fantastic attitude!

The MIPs Team are available to all Bendigo Senior Secondary College students and their families/support people, with regard to employment options and strategies. Call in and see us in G17.