When you are looking for a job, cold calling can be a very effective method. See our script below for cold calling businesses.

Phone Script Example:

‘Good Morning/Afternoon, My name is________________________
Could I speak to the person in charge of recruiting OR Could I speak to the foreman OR Could I speak to the owner of the business please?’

(Before you are transferred, ask for the person’s actual name)

‘Hello _______________, my name is ____________________________ and I am a current/past student at BSSC. I am actually calling to see if you are looking for:

Any casual employees OR any full time staff members OR an apprentice OR a trainee?’

If the person you’re talking to says YES –

‘Fantastic, is there a possibility of us meeting personally to discuss this opportunity as I am very keen to secure this type of employment.
What day/time would suit you? Great, that’s _______________________ (repeat the day/time back) and I’ll see you then!
Is there anything you would like me to bring along?
Sure, thank you very much for the opportunity, I look forward to meeting you.’

If the person you’re talking to says NO –

‘Thankyou anyway _____________________.
Do you think there would be the possibility of opportunities with your business in the future?
Could I call you again then? OR
Could I send you a copy of my resume so that you can contact me when an opportunity does come up?
Terrific, I’ll put that straight into the post! OR
Terrific I’ll note down your name and number and call you in a month’s time!’OR
‘While I have you on the phone, is there anything you can advise me to do in order to have a better chance of securing work as a ______________________________? Thankyou __________________________ that’s a great help to me!

ENQUIRY CALL – ‘Good Morning/Afternoon _______________________. My name is _______________________________________ and I am hoping you can tell me the name of the person in charge of hiring staff? Thank you for your time.

Practice your cold calling on family and friends – try and write down what works and what doesn’t. The following page will start you off!