Getting Ready

Creating a resume is more than typing a few words in to a document, you really need to think about your work experiences, what skills you've learned, and your personal qualities. You also need to think about things from the employers perspective, do you have the relevant skills for the job and why they would hire you over someone else. You need to show potential employers why you're the best person for the job.

Getting Ready has info to think about before you start putting together your resume (CV), cover letter, key selection criteria, and preparing for an interiew. 

There are number of different steps you need to go through before you'll get a job. We've put together a great collection of resources to help you on your way.

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Job hunting has never been easy – no matter what level of work you are looking for, and it can be especially difficult for students who are usually very unsure of how to go about securing work. Our app and website contains the most up to date methods and ideas that will allow you to stand out from the hundreds of other relevant jobseekers.

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In your search for a job and before you do anything else, go through our checklist below. It's a great way to ensure you're ready to start looking for work.

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Follow these proven strategies and hints and you WILL get your job!

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Employers or job agencies often contact the school directly with regard to positions that they have available for students or those intending to leave school. Read on for all the places at BSSC where you can find out about job vacancies. 

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Because you are awesome and because you DO have skills and qualities that employers are looking for.

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