Follow these proven strategies and hints and you WILL get your job!

By being organised:

  • Be prepared.
  • Get a tax file number.
  • Have a bank account open.
  • Have an email address.
  • Organise some strong referees.
  • Answer all your calls politely – the one number you screen might be the employer you miss.
  • Return any missed calls and not just with a ‘who’s this?’ text!
  • Ensure your social media is free from controversy.
  • Have some interview and appropriate work clothes and footwear ready. 

Am I ready to get a job?

By networking, marketing yourself and treating it as a real project

A serious project. There is no point going about this half heartedly. Great results come from great effort just like your school projects.

Take the time to write down the top 10 places you would like to work; find out how others got their positions; speak directly to the person who employs staff; write down names and numbers of places, when you saw them etc; ask for advice, be direct and ask ‘how do I get to work here?’ Keep a journal. Designate time. Time to go out into the market. Time to do online applications. Research on the internet.

You have to start telling people that you are looking for a job. Let your teachers know, your coach, your parent’s friends, your friend’s parents. Talk to people in the stores or shops you go into. A big part of securing casual employment is being in the right place at the right time and a whole lot of luck sometimes. That old adage of ‘its not what you know, its who’, also comes into play.

By knowing where to find jobs

Jobs and opportunities are everywhere. Some are in your face, some are hidden and never advertised, and some are just made to happen! You really just have to know where you can look, and here’s the place!

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By writing a great application

You MUST have a resume and not just any resume, a well thought out, comprehensive, well presented and well written document. Always ask someone else to take a look at it and ask them, ‘Would you hire me’? A short and well written cover letter will also be handy. Don’t know how to write an application? Look no further.

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By doing well in the interview

 You have been busy! Organised, proactive, jobsearching and networking, writing applications, and you now have an interview. This final hurdle still sees many people take a tumble though. How do you avoid falling over at the last minute?

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