Do you want to get a job?

Our app (and website) helps you find and apply for a job in just 4 easy steps

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So you're looking for a job. You're still at school and need some extra cash, or maybe you've finished school and you're looking for a full time job?

We know it can be super scary putting together your resume and applying for jobs. That's why we created our app ... MYJOB. The MYJOB app makes it easy to find and apply for a job. We use simple step by step instructions that will get you your job!

The MYJOB app takes you through the stages of getting a job and answers the big questions.

  • How do I find a job?
  • Am I ready to get a job?
  • Why would someone give me a job?
  • Where can I find a job?

We provide simple steps to create your resume and prepare for an interview.

Our app is now available on the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store. 

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