Resumes & CV's

Having a great resume or CV is integral to getting the job, you use this piece of paper to showcase all the great things about you, and why you should get an interview.

Our resumes and CV's section has some great information on putting together a winning resume.

A resume is a marketing tool, its about you, and why skills and qualities make you the best person for the job. Read on to find out more about what a resume is. 

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Here's our guide on how to put together a winning resume!

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Each of the following sample resumes has been developed by our students in conjunction with MIPs support. Many thanks for the use of their handiwork!

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Selecting the right words for your resume is a key part of delivering a resume that will stand out from the crowd! Choose words that are active to show what you have achieved. Below is a list of example 'active' words you can use.

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Determining what skills you have can be difficult. Have a look below at our list of skills as a starting point.

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