There are many reasons why an employer finds the ‘in person’ approach an ideal start to ‘giving someone a go’. It shows enthusiasm, motivation, a willingness to work, saves the employer time and money (advertising/recruiting processes), it’s private and the employer is not inundated with applications from unsuitable people.

  • If you've arranged to send a resume to a potential employer, send it promptly and always include a cover letter.
  • Follow up with a phone call a week later – use it as an opportunity to see if it was received and to ask about opportunities again.
  • Always carry business cards (see sample below) and/or your CV on you, or in the car. You never know when an opportunity may present itself!
  • Maybe offer a prospective employer a ‘free work trial’!
  • Send thank you notes to anyone who helped you. Firstly, because it's appropriate to recognise people's efforts to assist you. Secondly, it may create a good impression with people you probably want to stay in touch with. Keep thank you notes very simple. Email is excellent, as it's low-key but still makes the point.
  • Be very aware of your personal image particularly in online forums such as Facebook. Employers can check you out on this public space so make sure you AND your friends have appropriate info online.


‘Brooke’ is still receiving calls and comments saying ‘we love your resume!’ – go different, make it stand out, be creative yet professional and make it you!