Because you are awesome and because you DO have skills and qualities that employers are looking for.

This area of job seeking has always proven to be a real struggle for young people to ‘get their head around’ – let’s help you out.

It is really important (yet sometimes difficult to do) that you tell people how great you are, particularly in your resume!

After all, who else is going to tell them? Employers do not hire just to ‘give you a job’, they hire because they genuinely believe you will be great for their company or business. I am going to hire the person who has the skills.

 Instead of saying ‘ I only worked at Hungry Jacks’ ask yourself ‘what did working at Hungry Jacks teach me?’ Your skills can come from working, volunteering, playing sport, being in a club, doing work experience, being a student, working for friends or family, fundraising, engaging in a hobby, supporting others, having an interest, doing a short course, just being a young person!

Sit and write a list of everything you do and have ever done, what you are great at and what you have experienced and been taught, and see if they transfer to the skills list we have devised. Use these for your resume. Do you have these skills?

 Think also about the qualities that an employer looks for – your employability or ‘soft’ skills. The Top 10 are:

  • communication
  • teamwork
  • problem solving
  • initiative
  • enterprise
  • planning
  • organising
  • self management
  • learning
  • and the big one, technology

How have you displayed these skills? What did you do to recognise them? Can you give an example for each of them?

Include these examples with some action words and you have some great sentences for your cover letter. Click for more action word ideas.

Working through this process with someone is a great exercise and builds self confidence when it comes to going for an interview or approaching employers directly. 

How awesome do you feel now?